I am Doll

I decide while I am depressed I should take pix with my webcam. Then of course I can’t stay serious for more than three seconds and this is the result. Har har har~ 

INB4 girl yo hair is so greasy, go shower, exfoliate your skin, photoshop that shit, u retarded as fuk

  1. blood-like-tar said: omg you are so adorable and green hair on you is the best hair yet
  2. diamondofthesea said: I love your hair!
  3. bugcthulhu said: Are you implying this isn’t your natural state? 0 3 0
  4. moodmassacre said: What happens if I love you so much that I’m intimidated by you?
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    Gorrrl serving up some swamp mermaid REALNESS. Dat last picture tho. *_*
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